Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What happened to her hair?

First off, I want to apologize for the delay in my updating this blog for those that are keeping up. We have been SUPER busy the past two weeks! My kids are getting ready to start school & my husband has picked up several shifts of overtime so all that in addition to my own work & doctors appointments has had us stretched pretty thin. I have lots to tell though.

Bone Scan - my results were CLEAR! There is no cancer in my hip or pelvic bone. My oncologist was thrilled & said "this takes us from life prolonging treatment for you to curing you. You will have full remission." I think I might have floated out of his office & I feel like it was the first good news a doctor has given me in quite a while.

I have my second round of chemo on Friday, Aug. 5th. My experience was pretty much the same this time. Slept during treatment, felt ok Friday & pretty much all of Sat. Made it through church Sunday & was then worthless the rest of the day. Felt pretty crappy on Monday but managed to work again on Monday night. Slept most of Tuesday morning/afternoon & then started to get back to normal by Tues evening. I haven't experienced any nausea or vomiting yet, but do have the extreme fatigue & heartburn.

Now, for the biggest news. I have lost all of my hair. I got in the bath on Sat. & started to pull big pieces out while I was washing my hair. I had told my husband that I did not want to deal my hair falling out for days & he agreed but we had some back to school shopping planned for Sat. so I fixed my hair as well as I could (my tub & sink were full of hair) & we went about our day. When we got home Sat. my husband & kids cut it with scissors & then my husband buzzed my head.

I did ok emotionally until about half way through it. He stopped to clean up some hair off me & the floor & I was able to just look in the mirror at what was happening. I got a little overwhelmed at that point. Realizing that the changes in my body were only beginning but they were finally here & there was no going back. I'm so grateful for my husband & kids though. They were so warm & caring that night & continue to be so. Especially my husband....

He has supported me in every step & decision I have made regarding how I deal with this & the loss of my hair was no different. I continue to get those kisses on my bald head & get told to do "whatever is comfortable" when it comes to how I deal with it. He's been pretty amazing through all this & I'm glad to have him on my side.

I thought I would want to cover myself but I'm finding that I'm more comfortable just being bald. The kids act like they don't even notice anymore. I do notice some other kids staring at me or hear them asking their own parents what happened to my hair or why I'm bald. I've told the little ones that, if anyone asks them, they can say their mom has to take medicine that made her hair fall out & that seems to be enough for them.

I'm so grateful for the support of my family during all this. Not just the people in this picture, but my parents & more extended family & friends. The love showered on us has been overwhelming at times & has brought both of us to tears on more than one occasion.


  1. You are a very strong lady, good mother and wonderful wife. Rich and all your family are so blessed to have you. Stay strong and Yes I know the Lord is with you. Nancy

  2. Sweet pic! Prayers for you girlie!